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"You Dream It We Create It"

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Fabric Facemask Solid Colour Three Layers

Product Details Brand: G Designs Three Layers Fabric Facemask, comes in various colours, two layers inner and outer are polyester base 100% and one layer at centre is non woven nylon, which adds extra protection and maintains the superior shape giving the user a comfortable feeling around the face, the soft corded elastic are specially design for that added comfort around the ears, these facemask have proven to stand lots of wear before replacing, there are added options that any organizations can choose from in getting their company logos printed on them
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Ladies Sports T-shirt

Comes in various colours, 100% Polyester Dry fit, available in plain colours, with options available for adding company or organization logo, large logo, front, back and also printed pictures for special occasions. every item we sell can be fully customize to the customer's specifications, all our items are custom made by G Designs Manufacturer.
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Gents Sportswear Vest

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Ladies Short Armhole High Round Neck

comes in a wide range of colours, 100% polyester fabric, created for stylish trends and could be customized in many styles to your specifications
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Facemask Collection

Our Story

Founded to be a little bit different from other companies
G Designs Manufacturer started out as a sewing and designing store from 1996 under the name GP Creations, it was always my passion to design and create things which made my customers happy, as time passed and we grew in many ways, G Designs Manufacturer came to life and established as a home based business back in 2019, we got involved in the designing and creation of Sportswear (T-shirts, Vest both ladies, gents and children clothing) we also got involved in custom printing on all our creations, we also design and manufacturer custom Booklets for customers for eg. (Biographies, Pharmacy Record Note Books, Invoice Books, Receipt Books and many other types of stationery items) we make Decals for vehicles and other signage where the customer requires, when Covid-19 came in 2020 I got a request to make Fabric Facemask for some friends, because of the quality and standard of these facemask, the orders never stopped and we continued making high quality facemask both for retail sales and bulk purchasing, presently we added customization to our facemask, where by companies and organization request their logos on these items, we also started sublimation printing on special orders and request from customers, the sublimation process can print any design or abstract design on white fabric then each customize facemask are carefully sewed one by one, we at G Designs Manufacturer are very happy to interact and offer our service to each and everyone through the E-Commerce platform, Thank you everyone for this opportunity in sharing some historic times with you.

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